The Guardian press photo for 1994 show "Provocation"

I am an artist living in Auburn, Georgia. I'm a SCAD grad (Savannah College of Art and Design) and am the founder of Red Coral Creative. I studied painting and graphic design at SCAD and a bit of biology at Stetson University. While in Savannah, I began showing my work very early at City Market Art Gallery and found myself with a solo show and paid lecture while still a freshman in the painting department at SCAD.

"Red Dog Afternoon," watercolor by Thom Maher, 2001.While in Savannah I was very fortunate to have studio space just a few doors down from the now late Thom Maher. Thom was an amazing abstract painter who became somewhat of a mentor to me during that time and his friendship and guidance would prove invaluable to me in my journey. Thom cut his teeth in New York and worked alongside greats from his time like Malcolm Morely. Thom is always with me. Here's a small watercolor of Thom's that hangs in our house on an old clip board that my Mother-in-law Nancy Ellen Thompson gave me.

My work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows as well as juried exhibitions. My mixed media works often employ the use of oil pastel, graphite and acrylic on paper or canvas, although any item within my reach I will call fair game.

Mostly, I am an automatist, producing art by allowing raw form to manifest itself without restraint or preconception. This work may well be considered part art, part science, as latent subconscious information is given free reign on the virgin plane of creation. Automatism is something the early surrealists worked with, and I've found it to be a wonderful path.

I also make other kinds of art apart from automatism, which can be found on this site, as well as at where you can find my hand made pipes. While visiting, you can read stories of mine in the "Musings" area, or listen to some podcasts I've made of persons of interest in the pipe world, like the Radice family, or the late Bjarne Nielsen.

Other art you may find on this site includes work of a Fluxus or Dada variety as well as found art sculptures. I find inspiration and beauty in the overlooked and accidental. I remember seeing a Schwitters piece years ago that spoke to me. Detritus was reclaimed and orchestrated giving some sort of hope for every sort of castaway in the world. Beauty indeed was where you found it and you can find it in an old bus ticket, if so inclined.

Besides Mr. Schwitters, a few of my favorite artists are Robert Motherwell, Marcel Duchamp, Cy TwomblyJoseph Beuys,  and Willem de Kooning, to name a few.

Shows and awards include:
- 1993 Juried exhibition: SCAD Faulkner illustration award (first prize)
- 1993 Juried exhibition: Arts on the River award (third place)
- 1993 Group show: A Unique Body of Work, City Market Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1994 Solo show: Provocation, City Market Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1994 Lecture: On Provocation, City Market Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1995 Collaborative work: Fibers with Dorothy Fletcher Eckmann, City Market Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1995 Juried exhibition: Small Works, SCAD Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1996 Juried exhibition: Arts on the River award (special prize)
- 1996 Solo show: Tying Vipers to One's Chest, The Blue House Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 1997 Solo show: Arbo on Palm, Rapid Transit Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
- 2004 Exhibition work on contract: City Art Gallery, Columbia, South Carolina

After 1997, I kept painting and sculpting without further dips into the gallery world (with the exception noted above) and have kept my work, journey and progress much to myself. I've decided to put my work back into the public sphere, albeit in a very different way than before. I hope you enjoy. 

I was born and raised in DeLand, Florida, but now reside, with my wife Venessa and sons Brody and Zane, in Auburn, Georgia. I keep snakes, enjoy scotch and have a special place in my heart for the swampy parts of Florida.